viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Ewa... thanks a lot !!!!

Today,  I have receive the gift of frienship from Ewa,  with much excitement and happiness.. Visit her blog and enjoy her creations... She is an artist of the bead, loving and sharing step by step jewerly, which for me are a luxury!!!! I feel so happy.... happy....I wanted to write in English so that she understand me.....See you later with more news... Thanks for your views...

4 comentarios:

  1. Ya tienes tu regalo ... me porece precioso ... disfrútalo!!!
    Y los chocolates, qué me dices??? A qué están de vicio???
    Un besazo!!!

  2. Hi Maritza,
    I see you and Ewa share the same talents.
    You have to be so patient to do what you do, so tiny beads and so delicate the final products!
    Te admiro mucho!

  3. Qué suerte !!! Enhorabuena y que lo disfrutes !!! Besos

  4. jajjajja.... muchas felicitaciones.... te lo mereces!!!